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Hello old friends =D

Talk about whatever here.

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Hello old friends =D

Postby IwasEve on Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:20 pm

Wave of nostalgia hit me and I thought about all of you and all the fun and interesting times that we shared. What are ya'll up to these days?

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Re: Hello old friends =D

Postby Drewish on Thu Sep 10, 2020 5:28 am

Man what memories seeing some of these old names...
I was Drewish (Night Elf Hunter) and was mainly with the guild Énvy with the likes of Mortality, Octavian, Aurelius, Avelina, Oddjob, Slaveen.... lets see if any other names come back to me. I left the game at some point and then came back for AQ and I think that's when I joined AEnigma for a bit before ditching it all entirely again.

Currently in the works with Blizzard to restore my old account after some 14-15 years to see what's going on in the game these days and it appears to be working despite it having been Chinese hacked at some point since I left haha. I needed to supply them with my server name which I couldn't remember but through googling familiar character and guild names I stumbled upon this beautifully preserved website!

Curious to see if anyone else is still around who may have the slightest recollection of me.
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