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Current Recruitment Status - 2/17/10
Despite what Cazukeil tells you, recruitment for wow is still closed. We still do not currently plan on raiding hardcore (those of us that still raid have joined reanimated or other guilds). There is a chance we will form something semi-organized for Starcraft 2. This depends mainly on interest level of people that we know.

If you are interested in sc2, feel free to indicate interest to either Snovv or Gamb in a pm or in our public forums ( If you do so, please indicate your experience with rts games (both the game name and rank or level achieved) and interest level in sc2 (i.e. casual or serious about rank); at this point in time we do not know if we want to be casual or serious about rank.

You can also message us in wc3 (we are occasionally on) on USEast. Please see the public thread for details (

To Include in your Application
Please include the following in the comments field of your application (failure to do so will likely result in the rejection of your application):

1) List of any alts you have that are 70
2) Explain what you perceive your character's role in endgame content to be.
3) Describe what you think makes someone good at your class and specifically the above role.
4) Explain how your current gear and talent choices mesh with performing the above role, and include any ways in which you are still working on improving your character.
5) Guild History, with explanation of why and how you left and joined your current or prior guilds.
6) Any other random information about yourself that you wish to share to help us get to know you better

Recruitment Steps
Recruitment is currently done according to the following steps:
1) Interested applicants fill out the application form (use the 'Make an Application' link to the right).
2) If we are interested in the app, an officer will contact them and tell them this, and ask additional questions if needed.
3) If the applicant passes the above steps, we will invite them to attend 5man instances with members.
4) If we are satisfied by their performance, we will invite the applicant to raids.
5) If we feel pleased with their performance on raids, we ginvite the applicant as a recruit.
6) After several weeks as a tagged recruit we decide to welcome them as a full member or not.

Our recruitment process is deliberately designed to be a long process.

Tip: For many apps, all we know about you is from what you post in your application. It is probably worth the time to make sure it is filled out properly. If we know nothing about you, give your app some thought and write some things about yourself, why you want to app for us, why you play this game, etc in your comment to give us a vague impression of yourself.