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Well he sneaks around the world from Kiev to Carolina 11:05pm Sep 15, 2008 - Posted by: Cavos
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Where in the world am I?

WAR IS COMING! 2:16pm Sep 13, 2008 - Posted by: Cavos

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Join your favorite 'nigs in battle:

Faction: Order
Ruleset: Core
Server: Azazel

Confirmed Nigs:
Detroit Crew: (Cavos, Rankil, Haruka, Shiv, Lemmiwinks)
Brazil Crew: (Drackaine, Shintta, Noan, Dancelf, Pietro, Ael)
Sellout Crew: (Samelina, Campion)
Other OG Nigs: (Cazukeil, Lylla, Ichron)

Chill time 10:36am Aug 14, 2007 - Posted by: Snow
As many people know we've had a bit of a rough tbc experience. Unfortunately for us these tougher times also coincided with me not having as much time to deal with problems (having to finish a PhD thesis tends to put constraints on ones spare time). Over the last month in particular I've had to miss leading a lot of raids. Lyion, Sugoda, and Syrio helped step up a lot and for that I am grateful. However due to other rl commitments neither Lyion nor Sugoda will be able to lead as much as we need. I'm not sure when I'll become more free as there are many things I have to get set in order even after I defend this month and to be frank I could use a bit of a break from hardcore raiding + leading after 3ish years of it. That leaves a pretty big leadership void that noone really wants to step up and fill. Perhaps this is partly due to the frustration we have been facing on Kael, but to blame it on just Kael/raiding frustration would be simplistic.

In any event, we've decided to put a freeze on hardcore raiding. Many of us will likely seek raiding opportunities in other guilds, but we plan to stay in touch. A chunk of us are eager to play warhammer online and I am sure you will see many of us there and or in other games. We'd like to thank the Burning Legion community in general for all the support and fun times.
Astromancer 2boxed 4:12am Jun 26, 2007 - Posted by: Snow

Continuing on our recent 2s theme, we downed this bad girl last night. Due to some storm problems we ended up 2boxing a certain warrior who had connection issues. Luckily warriors can just stand there and look pretty during the fight. Apparently I also suck at taking screen shots so heres one from syrio.

Afterwards we headed over to Kael. It looks like a fun fight. Stage one wasnt too bad but the weapons on stage two gave us a bit of trouble. Let the theory crafting begin....